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Our crew and guests were very honoured this week to come across a beautiful Risso dolphin on our way to the Sicillies off the coast of Cornwall. He swam all around the boat and allowed one of our young guests to capture these amazing shots on their standard SLR camera from the deck of the boat!

Courtesy of we went to find out more…

Risso’s dolphins have a distinctive grey body which over time becomes covered in scars. Risso’s dolphins are predominantly deep-water lovers and are therefore relatively unstudied, however in several places around the world they can be found within only metres of the coast enabling researchers to learn so much more about them.

Unlike any other dolphin. They are very stocky dolphins with blunt heads and no discernible beak. Although they start out in life a grey/olive brown colour, as they get older they get whiter and whiter – a result of numerous scars and scratches from other Risso’s dolphins and their favourite food item, squid!

Risso’s dolphins can be found in almost all temperate and tropical waters around the world. They prefer deeper water and are usually found on the edge of continental shelves however there are several places around the world where they are found much closer to shore, where there are steep drop-off’s or plenty of food.

If you are interested in wildlife watching then the waters around Falmouth, Mounts Bay and The Scillies are the perfect day trip.  We would look out for Dolphins, Whales, Porpoises, Tuna, Seals and many species of sea bird – it’s amazing to watch the seabirds and dolphins feeding on shoals of smaller fish.

Will Boughton who took the dolphin photo said “I never believed I would see so much wildlife in UK waters. Apart from the dolphins the sea birds were amazing when they dived for the surface fish”

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