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An astounding 17 Bluefin tagged in just 11 days

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By our Skipper, Craig Hall

‘It has been an incredible 11 days fishing, with the amount of Bluefin Tuna caught and tagged already surpassing last years’ project. So far this year, we’ve tagged 17 fish already compared to last years’ project total of 10. Five of these fish were caught in a single day with the largest measuring 2.3 metres and weighing an incredible 461lbs. The scientists and the Black Moon crew are working really well together, making sure every fish has a fast capture, tag and release process – typically within 20 mins. We are all thrilled with the strong early results.

The interesting thing for me is that until now, no-one had previously pulled spreader bars this early in the year. In fact, the entire industry always believed that the Bluefin season didn’t begin until late September, maybe we were wrong? In my opinion, the Bluefin are coming here looking to gain weight after spawning and want to feed in waters abundant with baitfish like sardines, mackerel and herring. We are seeing different sizes of fish which means multiple generations – it’s certainly an increased population year on year, which is hugely exciting.’

Craig also wanted to convey the feelings of the Black Moon crew by saying how honoured they are to take part in the project and how much they are looking forward to doing it again in November.  

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